Getting to Know You

I really enjoy getting to know the couples I photograph before their big day. Meeting for coffee, swapping stories and hearing about how you and your fiancé met is always a highlight in the wedding process for me. 

I limit the number of weddings I photograph each year, to allow for better customer service leading up to your wedding. I'll keep in touch offering vendor referrals, help to create a photography timeline so your day runs smoothly and discuss what shots are "must haves" for you. I love to help however I can, so use me as a resource! 


the M. Laine Couple

My brides and grooms love wholeheartedly and adventure wildly, all while being true to themselves. They tend to feel more comfortable under the stars than in ballrooms. Their wedding venues tend to show the beauty of mother nature, while their love for each other steals the show.

If your venue is off the beaten path, I'm all about putting in that extra effort to get there. 


My Photography Style

I look to capture intimate moments, contagious laughter, and everything in between. My goal is to highlight your unique personalities and take photos that feel natural, not forced.

My editing style is bold, but timeless. When you look back on your photos years from now, I want you to relive every moment with all the emotions from your special day flooding back. 



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