▸ Is it possible to change your packages to better fit our needs?

▸ Where are you based? Do you travel?

▸ Do you photograph LGBTQ+, religious and other types of weddings?

▸ Do you need to be at the rehearsal?

▸ Do you work with a second shooter?

▸ Have you photographed our venue before?

▸ Do you take posed family photos?


▸ How many images will we get for our wedding?

▸ Do we get to see the images that didn't make "the cut"?

▸ How long will it take to see our photos?

▸ Will the images we receive be watermarked?

▸ How are our images delivered?

▸ How much editing do you do to my images?

▸ Do we get copyright of the images?

▸ What if I lose my images?

Print Products

▸ Where do you recommend printing our images?

Business and Payments

▸ If I have to cancel my wedding or change the date, will I get my money back?

▸ What if you are sick on our wedding date?

▸ Do you have insurance?

▸ How long have you been in business?

▸ What are my options for payment?

▸ Do we have to provide a meal for you at the wedding reception?

▸ What equipment do you use?


▸ What is your style?

▸ Should we have an unplugged wedding?

▸ How should we ask our guests for an unplugged wedding?

▸ Should we provide you with a shot list for the wedding?

▸ My venue is really dark. How would you handle that?

▸ We don't photograph well. Can you help us?

▸ You're the photographer for us! How do we book you!?