Leavenworth Adventure Elopement Scouting

I recently went on a backpacking trip near Leavenworth, WA to one of the most coveted campsites in all of Washington. Although, backpacking in this area is available by permit only, day hikes are available to all.

When we arrived at camp, I loved the rugged peaks behind the lake, but it was waking up before sunrise the next day that floored me. Golden sun lit up the mountains, and the lake was perfectly still. I’ve never felt so excited at 4:30 in the morning!

After gazing at the lake until the sun was up, we set off on our day hike to a neighboring lake. The path along the way was just as stunning, and we had this lake to ourselves for a short while, too. 

Both lakes take a hike to reach, but they’re obviously worth the effort. Either would be an ideal location to elope at, and I’m partial to arriving at sunrise!