7 Tips for a Successful Engagement Session

My brides and grooms have done a great job choosing outfits and letting their partners know what to expect during an engagement shoot with me. However, for those of you still nervous about getting your photo taken or wanting to know more about how to prepare for your shoot, this blog is for you.

1.     Relax and trust your photographer

Remember, photographers don’t expect you to be professional models. It’s perfectly normal to feel awkward and unsure in front of a camera. I tell my couples that it usually takes about 20 minutes for that awkward feeling to wear off before they’ll start to feel more comfortable. Just relax and have fun during your shoot!


2.     Prepare your partner

You know how to prepare your future spouse for a photoshoot best. Let them know how long your shoot will be and that there will most likely be lots of walking and moving. Show your partner a few of your favorite engagement sessions from your photographer so they’ll understand what to expect.

3.     Choose a meaningful location

Whether you want to get photos done at the proposal location or at the top of your favorite hike, choose a location or setting that means something to the two of you. If you already have great memories of the area we take your photos in, your images will be that much more special.

If you need help narrowing down your ideas, contact me to me and I’d love to help!


4.     Golden hour

The best time to take portraits is 2 hours after the sun has risen or 2 hours before it sets. This rule of thumb can be applied any time of year.

5.     Be on time

This is so important. Many photographers shoot with natural light, and therefore are dependent upon daylight. If you show up late, you’ve lost that amount of time in daylight. I realize there are things that happen beyond our control, but if possible, try and be on time so you don’t lose out on beautiful lighting!


 6.     Coordinate outfits

Most of my couples bring 2 outfits to their shoot — one that is dressier, and one that is more casual. My best advice is to coordinate, not match each other. Bold jewelry, scarves, and colorful shoes all photograph well, however, in the end you’ll want to look and feel like yourselves.

 7.     The details

Consider having your wedding trial makeup done the day of your engagement shoot. It’s a great way to see what it will look like in photos before the wedding day and I highly recommend it. Top off your special treatment by getting your hair done as well! If you plan on doing your own hair and makeup, apply your makeup a little heavier than normal and use extra hair spray.