Seattle Sunset Beach Engagement

Seattleites are blessed with some incredibly beautiful parks. Despite living on the West side of the state for years now, it still astounds me that beaches are so accessible. Grassy dunes and beachside fires will never get old and I love that both were incorporated into this session!

Margaret and Chris are comedians by trade, so I knew their session was going to be entertaining. They added their own flare to my suggested posing, and when I asked them to practice their first dance for the wedding, thinking it would be romantic, they really got down and boogied! 

Leading up to the shoot I was hoping for a spectacular golden hour and sunset but on the day of the shoot, the outcome looked bleak. The sky was covered in dark clouds, which are great for shooting with, but not so great for the gorgeous sunset look I had dreamed about. 

We went about shooting and with only a few minutes of daylight left, I sent Chris to get changed into his last outfit. The plan was to do the last few photos in the water (insert gorgeous sunset vision here). Of course, as soon as Chris left the sun decided to make a sudden appearance! Once he finished changing and saw the sunset, he sprinted down the beach where Margaret and I were waiting. I loved his enthusiasm and the sun stuck around for us! Near the end of the shoot, the photos look more like we were in Maui than Seattle!