The 7 Best Podcasts to Inspire Business Owners in 2018

If you’re a part of PNW Boss Babes, then you already know that I am in love with Podcasts. I listen to them on drives, while cooking dinner, cleaning… pretty much everywhere. They pick me up when I’m feeling down, keep me sane, inspired and smiling throughout my day. In other words, podcasts are my secret motivation that keep me going, so I’m sharing the love!

1. Goal Digger Podcast

Host: Jenna Kutcher
Average length: 50 minutes

About the show:

Jenna Kutcher’s podcast deserves to be mentioned first! This girl started her business at 23 years old, and less than five years later she’s a self-made millionaire. Talk about GOALS! She’s a branding QUEEN, and only stars’ women on her podcast so I’m you know I’m all about that support!

2. Don’t Keep Your Day Job

Host: Cathy Heller
Average length: 60 minutes

About the show:

Cathy Heller inspires others to go after their passions through interviewing people who have done it. She gets REAL with her guests. Out of the handful of podcasts I’ve listened to so far, they’ve gotten into serious conversations involving mental health, fear and society’s pressures. It’s refreshing to see behind the scene views of such successful people — up next on my playlist is her interview with Seth Godin!

3. Naptime Empires

Host: Nikki Elledge Brown
Average length: 10-60 minutes

About the show:

An inspiration to working parents, but really anyone who is trying to juggle life and running a business, Nikki Elledge Brown offers tidbits of advice as well as the occasional interview. Her voice of reason is like a beacon to follow as you develop your straight and narrow path.

4. Online Marketing Made Easy

Host: Amy Porterfield
Average length: 50 minutes

About the show:

Although I don’t currently have any products to launch online, Amy Porterfield is your go-to gal for monetizing an online business. She is down to earth, business savvy, and always makes sure to point out actionable tips in every episode.

5. ProBlogger Podcast

Host: Darren Rowse
Average length: 30 minutes

About the show:

Learn how to make an income from your blog, grow a following, and my recent favorite topic — what to write about. Darren’s podcast always leaves me full of ideas and inspiration to keep blogging.

6. The Blog Millionaire

Host: Brandon Gaille
Average length: 15 minutes

About the show:

Brandon Gaille podcast get's a little more technical than the ProBlogger, so I tend to not listen as often. However, when I do it is with pen and paper in hand because his shows are packed with information! If you’re in the mood to really dive deep into learning, check this one out but have a notepad ready!

7. The Tim Ferriss Show

Host: Tim Ferriss
Average length: 60-120 minutes

About the show:

This is the podcast that started my love for them all! You’ll fall in love with every guest, from the likes of Vince Vaughn and Richard Branson, to Arrianna Huffington. Plus, Tim's the author of Four Hour Work Week so he’s all about emphasizing how you can make more while working less. Whether you’re listening to be entertained, or want to learn from the guest stars, Tim has an episode that will feel like it was made for you.

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