Top 9 Best Elopement Locations in Iceland

My hubby, Zach, and I spent eight days driving the Ring Road in Iceland this May. We stopped at every waterfall, cliff side viewpoint and black sand beach possible, although my favorites were always the lesser known places. As landscape and adventure photographers, it was everything we could have dreamed of! All of Iceland lends itself well to photography, but listed below are the best elopement locations we found.

Best waterfalls:


Located in the North, Godafoss isn’t the most convenient waterfall to reach, but it is one of the largest! I was ecstatic to find a path leading down to the river bank and I think this angle made for some of the best photos of the whole trip. 


Before visiting, all we knew about Gufufoss was that it looked good in the google results. You can imagine our delight when we drove up a most gorgeous mountain pass still capped with snow, and followed a crystal blue river that led to Gufufoss. The experience getting to this waterfall was unbelievably gorgeous, and because it’s off the beaten path in the East Fjords we had it to ourselves. 


Skógafoss is probably the most accessible waterfall in all of Iceland. Accessibility comes at a cost, however. It's is located about twenty feet from a campground and it's very busy during the day. We took advantage of the midnight sun, so once again we had the view to ourselves. Since it's located in the South, facing South, this would be a great location for a sunrise shoot. Beat the crowds and catch golden hour from the viewing platform above the falls.

Best beaches:

Solheimasandur Plane Wreck

Located in the popular Southern region of Iceland, we walked the two miles to this plane crash around 11:00pm to avoid the daytime crowds. It worked too, because we had the place to ourselves. Whether you’ve got a gorgeous sunrise, or moonlit evening like we did, the plane wreck makes for a great prop. 

If you’re wondering how respectful visiting a crash site is like we were, don’t worry — everyone survived this crash landing. The only reason the plane went down was because the pilot thought they had run out of gas, when he had just switched to the wrong fuel tank. 


This beach is located on private property and the owners ask for a small fee to walk their land. It would be well worth it, however it was completely fogged in when we were passing by, so we chose to skip it. It’s conveniently located in the Southern region and it would be jaw dropping on a day with less fog. 

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

I found Glacier Lagoon to be one of the most awe inspiring places in Iceland. Say your vows on the hilltop overlooking the lagoon, or consider booking a private boat tour!  

Special mentions:

Búðakirkja: The Black Church

Although most churches look adorable in Iceland, none are as dramatic as this one on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. We had moody fog complimenting our photos, but on a clear day there are mountains in the background. Imagine what a white dress would look like against this beauty. 

Fosshotel East Fjords

A contender for Iceland’s most romantic hotels via Trip Advisor, this hotel was so cute! The hotel itself is packed with character, houses a museum, sits on the water and overlooks a mountain. If you want a romantic and easy elopement, say your vows on their dock.

Ice Cave or Glacier

With our limited amount of time in Iceland, we didn’t make it to an ice cave or the Vatnajökull glacier. I think that either of these locations would make for a gorgeous backdrop, however. If you visit during winter you could get lucky and see the northern lights too.  


Of all the places we saw in Iceland, these locations were the most dreamy. Iceland makes for the perfect elopement location during any season so start packing! 

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