Whitworth University Surprise Proposal

Jordan knew that my younger sister, Shae, really wanted their proposal photographed. When he contacted me shortly after Christmas, I was thrilled to be included in such a special moment. 

Nothing stays a secret in my family for long, so soon after I found out, other family members wanted in on the action. We decided that the easiest way to be discrete would be to hide in plain site. Thankfully Whitworth University, the proposal location and place they met, is full of older trees and the perfect place to hammock. 

We hid two of us in hammocks, and one underneath on a blanket. I took the riskiest position of all and hid behind a large tree further away. As Jordan and Shae approached, I was so nervous and excited, my heart was pounding out of my chest. Thankfully, during our test shots I had adjusted my camera settings to capture very fast movement since I didn't want to miss a moment. I didn't anticipate needing the fast shutter speed because I couldn't stop myself from shaking! 

After Shae said yes, we took a tour around campus to capture a few images from this special day. Jordan's one request — to get a shot of the ring in a pine cone! Every time one fell from the tall trees, you could hear it falling and it's a Whitworth tradition to try and catch it. Between shots Jordan was diving back and forth to catch pine cones! Needless to say, I'm sure the ring shot sums up their time at college together.