3 Tips to Overcome Envy as You Build Your Business

Jealousy is something I overcome daily. It's usually other business's social media highlight's that trigger it and it tears me down. Over the last three years of building my photography business I've learned to practice these three tips to minimize envy. 

1. Unfollow on social media.

The first step is to take away the sources that make you jealous. For me, that meant I needed to unfollow every photographer I looked up to. It’s not that I no longer looked up to them, it’s that I was comparing my three years of business with their decade plus of work. Unfollowing doesn’t have to be for forever, so don’t feel guilty for taking preventative steps in taking care of yourself.

2.  Ask yourself what have they sacrificed? 

Regardless of unfollowing other photographers, I still find myself with opportunities to become envious. When jealousy starts to seep in, I remind myself that I don’t know what they've sacrificed to get where they are. Maybe they've sacrificed things that I'm not willing to. Maybe they're not getting paid for that destination wedding I'm drooling over, or they’ve simply put in 5 more years of work than I have. Reminding myself that I don't know what they're journey has looked like shocks me back to reality.

3. Compare yourself.

Compare yourself, but only to yourself. Your past work is the only fit comparison for your current work. Have you improved, learned, and grown? As long as you're moving forward, beating your own personal records is all that matters. 

In an effort to practice what I preach, below are my "then vs now" photos. It took a LOT of courage to bring these photos to light but it really does remind me of how far I’ve come. I'm proud of my progress and I'm excited for the time when I can compare my future work to these images. 


How far have you grown? I’d love to see your before and after photos in the comments, whether that’s through photography or another way you measure your success!

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