Pacific Northwest Beach Elopement Scouting — Salt Creek Recreation Area, Port Angeles

Growing up on the East side of Washington meant that trips to the beach were a special, once a year occasion, complete with a six hour drive each way. Now that I live in Tacoma, I'm taking full advantage of the proximity to the Pacific and I'm lucky to have married a West coast native who knows all of Western Washington's best kept secrets! 

I had never heard of Salt Creek Recreation Area before Zach and I stopped there after photographing a styled shoot at Second Beach. As it turns out, it is a dream elopement location, just 15 miles from Port Angeles. 

Besides the sunset over the ocean and the golden hour lighting, there is more to love about Salt Creek. Not only does it have a sandy beach, it also has awesome rock formations full of marine life, forest, and Camp Hayden, a World War II fort. This park has so much to see and it never feels crowded.

If you're torn between eloping (or adventuring) at a beach, or in the woods, this is the place for you. Contact me to start brainstorming your wedding or elopement ideas.