What is an Adventure Session?

Adventure photography is pretty self-explanatory: I take photos of awesome people in epic locations! These sessions can be used for engagements, newlyweds, anniversaries, or just because. 

Sometimes all this require is a drive out of the city. Other times my couples request a hike, climb, or paddle to get where they want to take photos. Wherever and however we arrive, I'm all in! 

How it begins

Adventure sessions start with us discussing any ideas you have and possible shooting locations. The Pacific Northwest is incredible, so you have your choice of desert, beach, lakes, viewpoints, and forest — or a combination of any of those! If you'd like ideas of where to shoot, check out this Pinterest board I created just for that. You can also tell me what type of landscape you're thinking about, and I'll give you a personalized list based on your needs and the current season. 

Hiking is an option

Hiking is my favorite hobby, so I'm always thrilled when you want to hike for a shoot! The Pacific Northwest is full of hikes for all skill levels and accessibility, so there is a hike out there for everyone. However, if you'd rather not hike, there are plenty of gorgeous lookouts and views just beyond parking lots. If you don't believe me, check out this adventure session in Eastern Washington or this Diablo Lake shoot. 

Personalize it

Add some pizzazz to your shoot with a personal touch. What do you and your fiancé do for fun? Bike, camp, hammock, or slackline? Bring your toys! Adding items you use all the time will make the photos feel more like you and remind you of who you were at this time in your lives. 

The outfits

After we've chosen where, when, and if you'll be bringing props, you're ready to start thinking about outfits. If choosing outfits has you frozen in your tracks, start here. I suggest bringing two outfits — one that is your everyday look, and another like you're dressing up for a night on the town. Choose clothing that you feel comfortable and confident in, and this will be reflected in your photos. 

Above all

Once you arrive on location, have fun with the shoot! You can expect me to give you simple directions rather than strict posing. I promise there will be lots of laughs and cuddles! The session will feel more like a date and not at all like the family photos you remember dreading as a kid. You'll walk away with precious new memories and jaw-dropping photos you can't wait to share.