What No One Tells You to Do the Week of Your Wedding

You’ve probably seen so many to-do lists as you prepare for your wedding. As your wedding day gets closer, the last thing you want is to be told you’re forgetting something.

However, I've shared my own experiences (both good and bad) to prevent the week leading up to your wedding from being full of stress.


Take work off.

You’ll appreciate having at least two days off work prior to your wedding. Last-minute details creep up, and it isn’t fun to be crunched for time.

I had one day off before my wedding, but if I were to do it over again, two would have been very helpful.


Confirm your vendors.

Touch base with your vendors and confirm when and where they’ll be arriving. Make sure to be specific!


Confirm the photo timeline.

Confirm when and where you will need your bridal party dressed and ready for photos, as well as any family members participating in formal photos. I can’t stress the importance of this enough!


Plan what will be in your detail box.

Make your detail photos (the ring, dress, jewelry, etc.) extra special with a little planning beforehand. Check out this blog post if you have questions about what a detail box is and what should go in it.


Assign someone to oversee taking home special items.

If you don’t have a wedding planner, assign someone (a bridesmaid, mom, helpful aunt, etc.) to gather items you’d like to keep after the reception. That way, when you come back from your honeymoon, you won’t be guessing where your guest book, wedding dress, and bouquet are (like I was).


Assign someone to return your groom's tux.

If your groom is renting a tux, it will likely be due the following morning. Save yourselves the errand (or late fees) and leave the tux with the best man to return. He’ll already be making the trip with his own tux, and your groom can return the favor someday. 


Do a trial run with your hair and makeup.

If you haven’t done a trial run yet, this is the week to do so. Not only will you see what you like (and don't like), you'll have a better understanding of how long this process will take!

Get your ring cleaned.

You want your ring to be as gorgeous as possible in macro photos! If you beat up your ring like me, a nice polish from the jeweler will make it extra shiny for your big day.


Start packing!

Start daydreaming while you pack for you honeymoon! Oh, and make sure to also encourage your future hubby to do the same as well.



Get a mani-pedi with your bridesmaids and relax! Doing this the day before your wedding will save you time on the big day, but also lets you put your feet up after all your hard work. You deserve it!

Did I miss any tips? Let me know in the comments!