Best of 2018: Pacific Northwest Weddings

This blog is going to be a juicy one. In the last couple weeks, I’ve singled out the best of 2018 engagements and rings and now I’m showing you the year’s top wedding highlights.  


Braden and Halley got married at the Mighty Tieton. It’s in an adorable little town, and we walked all over taking their portraits. I had no idea one could make apple boxes look so glamorous!


I photographed a French country-styled wedding at Gathering Grace Farm’s. I think you’ll agree that their backyard forest is dreamlike.



Samantha and Gabe’s first look was so sweet, but what was more exciting was when Samantha surprised Gabe with a new set of golf clubs. He was shocked, and I was so happy that we pulled it off without him seeing Zach slipping Samantha the gift!


Best of bridal parties

You know you’ve got great friends when they’ll stand in frigid temperatures for you. That’s just what Samantha and Gabe’s bridal party did — and they could not look happier for them!


I tried out this shot on Braden and his groomsmen for the first time. Since the shot was new to me, I was working out the kinks as I shot it and they were all so kind and patient while I was tweaking it to perfection.



The best part of Braden’s and Halley’s ceremony were all the little moments. Notice Halley’s Grandma wiping a tear as she walks by, Braden sniffling during his vows, and their childhood best friend officiating it all. This was one of the more touching ceremonies I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing.


I love outdoor ceremonies, and Brittany and Jen’s backyard wedding was no exception. The setting was perfectly Pacific Northwest — we were surrounded by trees and Mount Rainier hid behind a cloud bank in the distance.



Which is better — A dress that twirls while dancing, or the bride icing the groom he goes for the garter? Braden and Halley had both!

I am all about celebrating your heritage and family traditions during weddings. Annie and Erica did it with a nagila dance — a Jewish tradition where the brides (and then the parents) were lifted on chairs!

Megan and Garrett celebrated their union in a traditional German march, and it was the wildest first dances I’ve experienced!



2019 trends are all about the food! Samantha and Gabe’s brunch wedding was ahead of the curve with their cinnamon roll cake!

Naked cakes were a huge 2018 hit, and Pastel Cakes Bakery has perfected the look. Our models for this French country styled shoot looked adorable, too!



After Samantha and Gabe’s wedding I have a new love of confetti. Can you blame me?


I am a huge fan of sparklers during grand exits, despite how difficult they can be to capture. Braden and Halley nailed their dramatic exit, but you have to check out their blog if you want to hear about the hilarious stunt that happened afterwards!


Megan and Garrett’s wedding venue did not allow sparklers like they had wanted, but they didn’t let that stop them from having a grand exit after dark. Bubbles, and an extra pop of lighting from me, prove that sparklers aren’t your only choice of exit celebrations after the sun sets.


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