Best of 2018: Engagement Rings

This year has gone by faster than ever. With 2019 approaching quickly, it’s time to look back, reflect, and celebrate all that 2018 brought.

To do so, I’m compiling my favorite photos of 2018 into a few blogs. This first post is all about the bling.

The Proposal

 Shae’s ring — this ring has my favorite story behind it. Jordan proposed to Shae where they met at Whitworth University. A tradition at Whitworth is to catch a pine cone as it falls from a tree before it hits the ground before you graduate. Shae never did catch a pinecone, but she caught something better! View Jordan’s surprise proposal to see the rest of their photos.


Backyard Wedding

Aren’t Brittany and Jen’s halo rings gorgeous!? I love it that they coordinate, too! These ladies hosted a beautiful and relaxed backyard wedding — click here to view it.  

Sweet Styled Wedding 

This ring was designed by Silver and Quill and used in a styled wedding. The band was hammered metal and so dainty – the lace paired perfectly with it. The sweet aquamarine gemstone was the perfect touch to match our French country farmhouse theme.  

Perfect Light

Sam and Gabe’s engagement photos are not to be missed. Even in this macro photo, you can see the beautiful soft lighting we had for their session. The summer wildfires gave us hazy skies and an orange sunset glow for their entire shoot.

One of a Kind

Chris and Margaret found this ring at a vintage shop in Seattle. It’s truly one of a kind, just like the sunset we had at Golden Gardens during their engagement session.  


Vintage Meets Rustic

What could be more beautiful than this vintage styled diamond ring? A vintage, rustic, fall wedding perhaps. I mean it too; Halley and Braden’s wedding knocked my socks off. I had no idea anyone could make a historic cold storage fruit warehouse look glamourous.


A Book Themed Wedding

Although this could be cheating since this wedding technically blogged in December of 2017, I think it’s close enough to 2018 to slip in. Besides, how adorable is this hand-made vow book? View the rest of this book themed wedding here.