Wedding Portraits at Boulder River Falls

Ashley and Ian are such a fun couple! When I met Ashley, she had been dying to get their photos taken at their favorite hike — Boulder River Trail. I had never been on this trail before and after doing some research, I was a little skeptical of what it offered. Nonetheless, Ashley convinced me that it was the perfect location and when we reached the falls, I was totally blown away. 

The research I did online showed Boulder River to be brown and dull canyons, with water falls that barely trickled. I was in for a shock when I saw two huge waterfalls and gorgeous lush greenery surrounding us! The water was bright blue and there were perfectly placed boulders and logs to climb on. It really was perfect. I was hesitant to ask Ashley to climb them since she was in her wedding dress, but she actually suggested it!

Ashley and Ian had the most adventurous spirits, especially since we met at 7:30am, and I was told that Ian is no morning person. We were lucky to have started so early because just as we finished up our last shot, a family of 20 got to the falls. Hanging out by waterfalls was really the perfect way to start the day. Thank you for a adventure, Ashley and Ian!