8 Reasons To Want A Winter Engagement Session

Unsure about braving the cold for your Pacific Northwest engagement shoot? Knowing the benefits and tricks for a winter photo session just might sway you into booking sooner than later.

1. Fewer crowds

During the summer months I often encourage my couples to begin our engagement shoots at popular locations at sunrise. This means an extremely early wake up time to avoid crowds. In winter, not only is sunrise later, but a lot of locations are a lot less crowded which gives you more flexibility in booking your shoot.

2. Snow

Washington has amazing scenery, and it looks so different in the winter! Photos at a rustic cabin would be adorable, or take advantage of the views from the top of your favorite chairlift. You won’t have to travel far to find snow in Washington!


3. No need to be cold

If you’re worried about getting too cold during your photo session, not to worry! There are many places you can shoot in and out of doors to keep warm. Think rustic lodges, gondolas, and greenhouses to name a few.

4. Layers look great on camera

You can look cute AND be warm during your photo shoot! Choose fitted sweaters and jackets rather than bulky coats. If need be, bring a coat to warm up in between locations or while your photographer gets set up. Scarves, hats, and gloves are also an easy way to change the way an outfit looks. Wear fleece leggings underneath your jeans or dress to stay extra warm.

5. Embrace the weather

Overcast skies are actually the best for shooting portraits. Clouds scatter light and give beautiful, even lighting without harsh shadows. Even if it rains, it's possible to make that fun and romantic too!

6. Flexible booking

Busy season for wedding photographers is typically from spring to fall. To get a time slot during summer months you may have to schedule months in advance, and many wedding photographers only shoot engagements on weekdays. If you choose to do a winter engagement session, photographers’ schedules tend to be more flexible.


7. Stop by your favorite shop

Use this photo shoot as an excuse to stop by your favorite bar or coffee shop and grab a warm drink. Need I say more?

8. Get ahead of schedule

Since you'll have your photos done ahead of time, you won't be in a rush to send out save the dates. Hooray for less stress.

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