A Snoqualmie Winter Elopement

Rachel and Nehemiah's wedding day went perfectly, despite our usual Washington weather! Their only plan – to find a spot in the woods for a small ceremony – was so fun! 

I loved that Rachel got ready in their new apartment. Her getting ready photos will not only remind her of the butterflies she must have been feeling that morning, but the photos will hold so many memories of their first home together!

The most unique part of their day was getting to the ceremony location. From their Snoqualmie apartment, we drove to Tinkham road, near Snoqualmie Pass. Tinkham road is closed for the winter, so we had a leisurely walk to the most gorgeous overlook. From the viewpoint there is view of the river below, and we were blessed with the most picturesque fog covering the mountains in the distance. It was fun trekking through the snow (I was excited to wear hiking boots to a wedding for the first time!), and Rachel and Nehemiah had some time alone on their wedding day, which is unheard of!

Shortly after reaching the overlook Rachel and Nehemiah’s families and close friends joined us. The intimate ceremony took place in a clearing of trees, overlooking the river and mountain. It was so romantic! It was filled with umbrellas and so heartfelt. It was such a beautiful day, and I was honored to be there. Congratulations again, Nehemiah and Rachel!