What Is A Wedding Day Detail Box?

First and foremost, what is a detail box?

Its a box with all of your treasured wedding day items in it, ready for me to photograph on the big day. Usually it includes the wedding and engagement rings, any jewelry you plan on wearing, family heirlooms, veil, shoes, bouquet, invitations, etc. 

What items are important to you?

Prior to the wedding day I ask my couples to begin thinking about what details they would like to have photographed. Then, I ask that on the day of the wedding they have all of these items in one box for me. This helps me immensely. Not only can I get to work as soon as I arrive (rather than interrupt your hair and makeup to ask where things are) but I will also know what items are most important to you.

Incorporate your theme

In the example below, Preston and Dianna gave me a few items reflecting their rustic wedding. Part of their decor were slices of tree trunks. I found one that wasn't in use and placed their ring box on it to continue their rustic theme throughout their photos. To add unifying elements throughout your photos, consider adding stylized elements to your detail box such as this. These items can be from your centerpieces, decor, or personal items that are meaningful to you.


Have fun with this task and incorporate special items from relatives or that one piece of wedding decor that you just had to have, and enjoy knowing that these memories will be preserved for you.