What to Wear for Your Engagement Photos

Maybe it spawns from my dread of shopping, but I find choosing what to wear for photos is the most difficult step in getting my own photos taken. I know I can’t be alone in that! Thankfully, I’ve learned some tips along the way.

Complement each other, but don’t match.

When choosing outfits for you and your fiancé, look for complementary colors, solid prints and avoid patterns that are overly busy, as those can be distracting. The goal is to make you and your fiancé be the first thing noticed in the photo, not your clothing.

A no fail outfit option is to opt for solid colors. Jen and Scott chose wisely as black is slimming, classy and can easily be accessorized.


Add visual interest with layers and texture.

Layers tend to photograph well (think fitted jackets, vests, scarfs, etc.) and because they’re easy to take on and off you can have a variety of looks with one outfit. Add more interest by including textures, such as leather, lace or fur.

Subtle plaid goes well with a textured knit in Halley and Braden's October engagement photos. 


Find seasonal inspiration.

Summer and Spring:

Let loose and go barefoot on the beach, wear your go-to sundress or pair a maxi dress with a statement necklace. It’s the perfect time of year to break out subtle floral patterns, cropped jackets and floppy hats!

Winter and Fall:

Don’t be afraid to bundle up! Fitted jackets, hats, fingerless gloves and knitted scarves all look very cozy and lend themselves to fall settings and snowy backgrounds.

Pro tip- wear fleece leggings under your jeans to stay extra warm!


When someone says accessorize, I start to drag my feet and think of all the cool, chunky necklaces I don’t own. Statement necklaces are awesome, and they do work well in adding a fun element to photos, but that’s not the only way to accessorize (thankfully for me!). Keep these photos personalized and accessorize with what you normally wear, whether that be a necklace, dangly earrings, fun hat, or scarf. 

Two outfits is ideal.

Get the most out of your session by bringing two outfits. More than that and your session is spent in the changing room, rather than being photographed. Give thought to how your looks will pair with each other, and consider adding a unifying color throughout your outfits. When deciding on your wardrobe, opt for an outfit that shows who you are on an average day and another for a night out on the town, giving you two distinct looks like Iyanna and Michael.

Craving the designer wardrobe?

Try out Rent the Runway. They are my first recommendation for dress rentals of all sorts and you’ll fall in love with their designer gowns and surprisingly affordable prices.

Wear clothes that make you feel like you.

If you are a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, now is not the time to break out a ball gown. You should look and feel like yourself in these photos. The clothing you choose should make you feel comfortable and confident, and these feelings will be reflected in your photographs. All in all, have fun with it and talk with your photographer if you have any questions or want their suggestions!

Want more inspiration?

Check out this Pinterest board full of examples couples nailing their outfits!