Rainy Day Wedding Tips for Pacific Northwest Brides and Grooms

Rain on your wedding day should not be something to dread. In fact, it's a sign of good luck and can make for the most incredible images! Overcast skies not only provide great lighting, but they also make colors look more saturated and beautiful.

Rain in the forecast? Plan ahead and let yourself have fun with it!

Have a backup plan

The easiest way to deal with rain on your wedding day is to be prepared. If your ideal ceremony location is outdoors, have a rainy-day plan. Talk to your venue about their options, and research tent vendors if that's something they recommend. Tent walls and portable heaters are a great option to help keep guests toasty warm and protect them from the elements, too.

Set a deadline

If your venue doesn't already have a deadline set for when they need to know if you're going with your rainy-day plan, create one for yourself. Otherwise, it's easy to keep waiting to make the decision. This makes setting up tents, chairs and decor rushed and much more stressful. Set a time in advance and stick to it. 

Trust your vendor team

You've hired professionals and trust that they know their craft and will do their job. A wedding coordinator will handle the stress of changing to your backup plan if needed, and your photographer will be prepared to scout the venue for locations that will keep everyone dry and still get the photos of your dreams.

Have fun with props  

Be prepared with clear or colorful umbrellas that match your color scheme for the bridal party. Props like rain boots for all the girls are fun, too. Every wedding needs favors as well, and something practical, like umbrellas, is always a hit.

Embrace it

It's possible to create amazing memories and stunning images on rainy days so, embrace the opportunity like Nehemiah and Rachel did during their elopement. You just may be lucky enough to catch a rainbow or sneak out of your reception for some backlit portraits, like Megan and Garret!