Seattle Waterfront Engagement with Nehemiah and Rachel

Rachel and Nehemiah are so fun together! They are the perfect pair, truly at ease around each other, and you can tell by the looks they give each other they adore one another. We had a great time staying warm in Pikes Place Market, and even ventured out into the cold to visit the waterfront! I had a lot of fun getting to know them and they have one of the most entertaining proposal stories! 
Although they met in person, the majority of their relationship was long distance, countries apart! Rachel put in place one rule: don't propose over Skype! Nehemiah kept to that promise but bent the rules when he had a ring pop delivered to her! Of course, that was just a teaser for when she got home! His real proposal happened at Twin Falls. Can you say romantic!? Enjoy the rest of your engagement and congratulations again Rachel and Nehemiah!