Labor Day Weekend: Our First Backpacking Trip!

My husband, Zach and I waited ALL summer to go on a backpacking trip! We recently purchased gear and had so many intentions to go, but our plans got interrupted over and over again!

We survived the scheduling conflicts knowing we had a backpacking trip booked for Labor Day weekend. We planned to venture to the exotic land of, drum roll please... Canada. We had our sights set on Lake Garibaldi, which is known for its bright blue glacier water surrounded by mountain peaks. It was going to be a grueling hike, but we were so excited to push our limits. 

Unfortunately, I injured myself a month before our trip! Being as stubborn as I am, I put off seeing the doctor, but eventually discovered that I have patellar tendinitis (tendinitis in my knees) from our active lifestyle.  

After looking forward to seeing Lake Garibaldi, I refused to acknowledge that I wouldn't be healed in time to make our trek there. 

Thankfully, I have the most patient and supportive husband! He gave me time to accept that I wouldn't be healed enough to attempt our trip to Lake Garibaldi, but instead gave me a much more obtainable goal: backpacking to Shi Shi Beach here in Washington!

After doing tons physical therapy and applying loads of ice, in the weeks leading up to Labor Day, we made it! I was healthy enough for the short, nearly flat hike to the beach!

Our pace was much slower than usual, but every step was worth it! Shi Shi Beach was amazingly beautiful. Saturday was full of blue skies and a perfect sunset. The only time it rained (just barely!) was when we were packing up to leave on Monday. We could not asked for better weather, and I could not have asked for better company. I'm already looking forward to our next adventure.

I made the difficult choice not to bring my camera, to live more in the moment, so the photos here are an accumulation of GoPro and iPhone photos from Zach and I. Check them out below!