7 Tips To Start Your Wedding Day Right

Seven tips to get the most out of your photographer while you're getting ready on your wedding day!

Window light

My first tip is to get ready in a room with a window! The more natural light the better for photography, so if you have a choice of a room with a larger window, take it!

Have your detail items ready

Gather all detail shot items in one area so I can get to work photographing them as soon as I arrive. Meaning you get to focus on getting pampered as you get ready, instead of chasing down the rings to be photographed! (Don't worry, I'll start to photograph you as soon as your hair and makeup is near completion!)

Your detail items may include: the Paper Suite (invitation, save the date, envelope, etc.), jewelry, shoes, garter, heirloom pieces, perfume, and the rings. It's also great to include any themed décor pieces you may have incorporated into the reception décor. This helps make your images more cohesive and tie together, especially in albums.

Bridesmaids accounted for

It's best to have your bridal party get ready at the same location as the bride and groom. They'll be there to help with any dilemmas you encounter and you'll make some great memories together. The bridal party should be finished getting ready before the bride is, that way everyone is presentable for photos and ready to help you accessorize and get your dress on.

Have your wedding dress and brides maids dresses accessible

Make sure you either provide clothing for your bridesmaids to wear (matching robes, tank tops, etc) or have them arrive in something other than their bridesmaids dress. This way, I'll get to photograph all of your dresses together. If you have custom hangers make sure they are with the appropriate dresses.

Arrival of of the flowers

Have your bouquet and boutonnières delivered to the getting ready room, at the same time I will be arriving. This allows me to include them in the detail shots and you'll have them for your first look and bridal party shots. If this sounds like a hassle, consider a pre-made alternative bouquet

Keep it tidy

We all know how messy a room can get with many ladies getting ready at the same time. To help avoid this, ask one of your bridesmaids to be on tidying duty while you're all getting ready. If possible keep purses in a closet or in one contained area. Keeping your getting ready area tidy makes a huge difference to me as your photographer. Rather than focusing on how to hide a mess in the background, a tidy space allows much more freedom and spontaneity in capturing you getting ready.

Stay hydrated

My last pointer is the most important! Stay hydrated! Start drinking water early in the day and you'll still be feeling great by the time evening rolls around. It's also helpful to have snacks out while getting ready, and while in hiding before the ceremony. Everyone appreciates food on such a long day!

Follow these pointers and you'll start your day off with ease!