Venue Feature: Point Ruston Ferry

I recently had the opportunity to volunteer my photography services with the Tacoma Rescue Mission at their Bridges of Hope Gala. The event was a huge success, and the donations raised will be put towards building a new preschool.

The gala was held at the Point Ruston Ferry and it captivated me with its charm. If you're looking for a venue that is unique to the Pacific Northwest, fun and has gorgeous views, you've got to check this location out! 

As far as unique goes, I don't think there is another venue like the Point Ruston Ferry. The ferry first served in Maine, then ran a route from Steilacoom to Anderson Island. Since retiring its services, the ferry stays near the Point Ruston condos on Ruston Way, which is easily one of my favorite place to visit in Tacoma.

Rental details

Now for the details! The Point Ruston Ferry is $3,000 to rent for a wedding, however, unlike most venues that give a time cap (some as few as 5 hours), the Point Ruston Ferry does not. On the day of your wedding, they allow you to arrive at the ferry as early as you'd like, meaning you have as much time as you need to set up, take photos there and enjoy the ferry instead of being rushed in and out. Like most venues, they do require that all weddings be cleaned up and out by 10:00pm.

If that's not enough to convince you, they are also kind enough to allow couples to have a few hours at the ferry the day before their wedding for setup and rehearsal. They provide access to their table and chairs free of charge as well. 

The ferry's maximum capacity is 200 people. While it sounds like a large number, this is the capacity when spread throughout the boat. Events, such as a ceremony can be held on top of the boat or on the bow (weather permitting), and can accommodate 50-80 people. This is the perfect size for mid size wedding.

The Point Ruston Ferry allows renters access to the kitchen, and catering options are left up to you! If you'd like catering suggestions, the Point Ruston Ferry staff can provide a list of caterers they've enjoyed working with in the past, but all are welcome.

The Point Ruston Ferry is a perfect venue located in one of the most gorgeous areas of the south sound. Renting the ferry allows you to have a flexible schedule, customized catering and an intimate atmosphere, all without hidden fees. Wow your guests with its charm and enjoy being on the water without ever leaving the dock. You've got to check this location out if you’re planning a wedding any time soon!