Titlow Beach Engagement with Nic and Jessica

I have loved seeing Nic and Jessica's relationship grow! They will be getting married in just over two weeks! How time flies!!

My husband, Zach, and I met Nic shortly before they started dating and we've all shared some great adventures. From hiking Mt. Si at 2am to see the sunrise to, weekly sports leagues, it has been fun getting to know these two. We were honored to witness their first date AND their proposal!

Nic and Jessica have such a great enthusiasm for life, it's contagious. They are constantly on the go- from hiking to kayaking, to sports! You name it, and these two have probably done it! It has been a blast getting to share adventures with these two and I'm looking forward to so many more! The best of friends are the ones who inspire you to do more and thats exactly what Nic and Jessica have done for Zach and I. Here's to a lifetime full of happiness and adventures!